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Chapter 1. Performance - California Civil Code Sections 1473-1479

Legal Research Home > California Laws > Civil Code > Chapter 1. Performance - California Civil Code Sections 1473-1479

  • California Civil Code Section 1473
    Full performance of an obligation, by the party whose duty it is to perform it, or by any other person on his behalf, and with...
  • California Civil Code Section 1474
    Performance of an obligation, by one of several persons who are jointly liable under it, extinguishes the liability of all.
  • California Civil Code Section 1475
    An obligation in favor of several persons is extinguished by performance rendered to any of them, except in the case of a deposit made by...
  • California Civil Code Section 1476
    If a creditor, or any one of two or more joint creditors, at any time directs the debtor to perform his obligation in a particular...
  • California Civil Code Section 1477
    A partial performance of an indivisible obligation extinguishes a corresponding proportion thereof, if the benefit of such performance is voluntarily retained by the creditor, but...
  • California Civil Code Section 1478
    Performance of an obligation for the delivery of money only, is called payment.
  • California Civil Code Section 1479
    Section Fourteen Hundred and Seventy-nine. Where a debtor, under several obligations to another, does an act, by way of performance, in whole or in part,...

Last modified: February 16, 2015