Article 1. Merger - California Corporations Code Section 6010

6010.  (a) A public benefit corporation may merge with any domestic
corporation, foreign corporation (Section 171), or other business
entity (Section 5063.5). However, without the prior written consent
of the Attorney General, a public benefit corporation may only merge
with another public benefit corporation or a religious corporation or
a foreign nonprofit corporation or an unincorporated association the
governing documents of which provide that its assets are irrevocably
dedicated to charitable, religious, or public purposes. In addition,
a public benefit corporation that is exempt from the supervisory
authority of the Attorney General pursuant to Sections 12581 and
12583 of the Government Code by virtue of being a committee, as
defined in Section 82013 of the Government Code, that is required to
and does file any statement pursuant to the provisions of Article 2
(commencing with Section 84200) of Chapter 4 of Title 9 of the
Government Code, may merge with another public benefit corporation
similarly exempt without having to obtain the Attorney General's
   (b) At least 20 days prior to consummation of any merger allowed
by subdivision (a), the Attorney General must be provided with a copy
of the proposed agreement of merger.
   (c) Without the prior written consent of the Attorney General,
when a merger occurs pursuant to subdivision (a), each member of a
constituent corporation may only receive or keep a membership in the
surviving corporation for or as a result of the member's membership
in the constituent corporation.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015