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California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 10001.5

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10001.5.  (a) In order to carry out the intention of the People of
California that only citizens of the United States and aliens
lawfully admitted to the United States may receive the benefits of
public social services and to ensure that all persons employed in the
providing of those services shall diligently protect public funds
from misuse, the provisions of this section are adopted.
   (b) A person shall not receive any public social services to which
he or she may be otherwise entitled until the legal status of that
person has been verified as one of the following:
   (1) A citizen of the United States.
   (2) An alien lawfully admitted as a permanent resident.
   (3) An alien lawfully admitted for a temporary period of time.
   (c) If any public entity in this state to whom a person has
applied for public social services determines or reasonably suspects,
based upon the information provided to it, that the person is an
alien in the United States in violation of federal law, the following
procedures shall be followed by the public entity:
   (1) The entity shall not provide the person with benefits or
   (2) The entity shall, in writing, notify the person of his or her
apparent illegal immigration status, and that the person must either
obtain legal status or leave the United States.
   (3) The entity shall also notify the State Director of Social
Services, the Attorney General of California, and the United States
Immigration and Naturalization Service of the apparent illegal
status, and shall provide any additional information that may be
requested by any other public entity.

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Last modified: March 17, 2014