63.122 Notice of hearing on petition.—

(1) The hearing on the petition to adopt a minor may not be held sooner than 30 days after the date the judgment terminating parental rights was entered or sooner than 90 days after the date the minor was placed in the physical custody of the petitioner, unless good cause is shown for a shortening of these time periods. The minor must remain under the supervision of the adoption entity until the adoption becomes final. When the adoptee is an adult, the hearing may be held immediately after the filing of the petition. If the petitioner is a stepparent or a relative of the adoptee, the hearing may be held immediately after the filing of the petition if all persons whose consent is required have executed a valid consent and the consent has been filed with the court.

(2) Notice of hearing must be given as prescribed by the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, and service of process must be made as specified by law for civil actions.

(3) Upon a showing by the petitioner or parent that the privacy, safety, or welfare of the petitioner, parent, or minor may be endangered, the court may order that the names of the petitioner, parent, minor, or all be deleted from the notice of hearing and from the copy of the petition attached thereto if the substantive rights of any person are not affected.

(4) Notice of the hearing must be given by the petitioner to the adoption entity that places the minor.

(5) After filing the petition to adopt an adult, the court may order an appropriate investigation to assist in determining whether the adoption is in the best interest of the persons involved and is in accordance with state law.

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Last modified: January 27, 2015