Employees of Port Authority; Transfer and Payment of Sick Leave and Annual Leave; Salary Rate; Job Seniority and Pension Rights - Mich. Comp. Laws Section 120.127

120.127 Employees of port authority; transfer and payment of sick leave and annual leave; salary rate; job seniority and pension rights.

Sec. 27.

(1) The employees of an authority, existing on the effective date of this act, of a city or county which creates or participates in an authority created under this act shall become the employees of that succeeding authority.

(2) Each employee at his or her option may transfer all or part of accumulated sick leave and shall be paid 1/2 of all unused accumulated sick leave not transferred. The employee also may transfer all or part of accumulated annual leave not to exceed more than 27 days and shall be paid for all unused accumulated annual leave not transferred.

(3) The transferred employee shall continue at his or her present salary rate, and if greater than that paid in the constituent unit for similar work, shall remain at the current level until matched by that constituent unit.

(4) Job seniority and pension rights shall be credited as if first employed by the constituent unit.

History: 1978, Act 639, Imd. Eff. Jan. 11, 1979
Compiler's Notes: See Compiler's note to MCL 120.130.

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