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New York Insurance - Article 68 - (6801 - 6805) Bail Bonds

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  • New York Insurance - Article 68 - Bail Bonds
    Section 6801. Bail bond business. 6802. Professional bondsmen; licensing. 6803. Bail bond business; cities in excess of one hundred seventy-five thousand. 6804. Premium or compensation....
  • New York Insurance - § 6801 - Bail Bond Business
    (a) (1) Any person, firm or corporation in any court having criminal jurisdiction or in any criminal action or proceeding who shall for another deposit...
  • New York Insurance - § 6802 - Professional Bondsmen; Licensing
    (a) No person, firm or corporation or any officer or employee thereof shall act in this state as an agent or solicitor of an insurer...
  • New York Insurance - § 6803 - Bail Bond Business; Cities in Excess of One Hundred Seventy-five Thousand
    (a) An insurance corporation or charitable bail organization engaged in the bail business in a city containing a population of more than one hundred seventy-five...
  • New York Insurance - § 6804 - Premium or Compensation
    for giving bail bond or depositing money or property as bail shall not exceed ten per centum of the amount of such bond or deposit...
  • New York Insurance - § 6805 - Charitable Bail Organization
    (c) The superintendent may promulgate regulations implementing this section.