New York New York City Administrative Code(new) - Subchap. 2 - § 20-707 Definitions

New York City Administrative Code(NEW) 
    § 20-707 Definitions. (a) "Consumer commodity" shall be defined as any
  article,  good,  merchandise,  product or commodity of any kind or class
  produced, distributed or offered for  retail  sale  for  consumption  by
  individuals,  or  for  personal,  household  or family purposes. For the
  purposes of this subchapter, drugs, medicines and cosmetics shall not be
  considered consumer commodities.
    (b) "Price per measure" shall be defined as  the  retail  price  of  a
  consumer  commodity  expressed  in  terms  of  the  retail price of such
  commodity per such unit of weight, standard measure or  standard  number
  of units as the commissioner shall designate by regulation.
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Last modified: February 16, 2014