New York New York City Administrative Code(new) - Subchap. 2 - § 20-708 Display of Total Selling Price by Tag or Sign

New York City Administrative Code(NEW) 
    §  20-708  Display of total selling price by tag or sign. All consumer
  commodities, sold, exposed for sale or offered for sale at retail except
  those items subject  to  section  20-708.1  of  this  code,  shall  have
  conspicuously  displayed, at the point of exposure or offering for sale,
  the total selling price exclusive of tax by means of (a) a stamp, tag or
  label attached to the item or (b) by a sign  at  the  point  of  display
  which  indicates  the item to which the price refers, provided that this
  information is plainly visible at the point of display for sale  of  the
  items so indicated. This section shall not apply to consumer commodities
  displayed in the window of the seller.
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Last modified: February 16, 2014