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New York New York City Administrative Code(new) - Subchap. 2 - § 20-709 Display of Price Per Measure

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New York City Administrative Code(NEW) 
    §  20-709  Display  of  price  per  measure.  All consumer commodities
  designated by the commissioner in accordance  with  subdivision  (a)  of
  section  20-710  hereof  exposed  for  sale or offered for sale shall be
  plainly marked by a stamp, tag, label or sign at the  point  of  display
  with  the  appropriate  price  per  measure;  provided however, that the
  provisions of this section shall not apply to any food store having  had
  annual  gross  sales  in  the previous tax year of less than two hundred
  fifty thousand dollars, ($250,000) unless it is a part of a  network  of
  subsidiaries,  affiliates,  or  other  member  stores,  under  direct or
  indirect common control, which, as a group, had annual  gross  sales  in
  the  previous  tax year of two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000)
  or more.
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Last modified: February 17, 2014