New York New York City Administrative Code(new) - Subchap. 6 - § 24-244 Sound Reproduction Devices

New York City Administrative Code(NEW) 
    §  24-244 Sound reproduction devices. (a) Except as otherwise provided
  in section 10-108 of the code, no person shall operate or use  or  cause
  to be operated or used any sound reproduction device in such a manner as
  to create unreasonable noise.
    (b) No person shall operate or use or cause to be operated or used any
  sound  reproduction  device,  for  commercial  or  business  advertising
  purposes or for the purpose of attracting attention to any  performance,
  show,  sale or display of merchandise, in connection with any commercial
  or business enterprise (including those engaged in the sale  of  radios,
  television sets, compact discs or tapes), (i) outside or in front of any
  building,  place  or  premises  or  in  or  through any aperture of such
  building, place or premises, abutting on or adjacent to a public street,
  park or place; (ii) in or upon any vehicle operated, standing  or  being
  in  or  on  any  public  street,  park  or  place; (iii) from any stand,
  platform or other structure; (iv) from any airplane or other device used
  for flying, flying over the city; (v) from any boat on the waters within
  the jurisdiction of the city; or (vi) anywhere on  the  public  streets,
  public   sidewalks,   parks  or  places  where  sound  from  such  sound
  reproduction device may be heard upon any public street, sidewalk,  park
  or  place.  Nothing  in  this section is intended to prohibit incidental
  sounds emanating from a sporting or an entertainment or a  public  event
  for which a permit under section 10-108 of the code has been issued.
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