New York Surrogate's Court Procedure - Article 16 - § 1606 Proof of Will by Probate in Non-domiciliary Jurisdiction

Surrogate's Court Procedure 
  § 1606. Proof of will by probate in non-domiciliary jurisdiction
    In  the  case  of  original  probate  of the will of a non-domiciliary
  testator an authenticated copy  of  the  will  and  of  its  probate  or
  establishment  in  the jurisdiction in which the will was executed shall
  be sufficient proof of its contents and of compliance with  the  law  of
  the  place  of execution, if no objection is made thereto.  If objection
  to the probate of such a will is filed this section  shall  not  relieve
  proponent  from  offering  competent  proof  of  the  contents and legal
  sufficiency of the will except  that  the  original  will  need  not  be
  produced unless directed by a court.
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