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New York Surrogate's Court Procedure - Article 25 - § 2506 Recording Wills Proved Within the State

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Surrogate's Court Procedure 
  § 2506. Recording wills proved within the state
    1.  A certified copy of a will of real property admitted to probate in
  any court of competent jurisdiction of the state must be recorded in the
  office of the county clerk or register  as  the  case  requires  of  any
  county  in  which  real  property  of the testator is situated, upon the
  request of any person interested.
    2. The fiduciary under a will of real property must cause a  certified
  copy  thereof  to  be recorded in each county where real property of the
  testator is situate, other than the county of the  testator's  domicile,
  within 20 days after letters are issued to him.
    3.  An  exemplification  of  the  record of such a will from any court
  where recorded either before or after this chapter takes effect  may  be
  in  like  manner  recorded in the office of the clerk or register of any
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Last modified: February 16, 2014