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New York Tax - Article 9-A Franchise Tax on Business Corporations

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                                 ARTICLE 9-A
  Section 208.   Definitions.
          209.   Imposition of tax; exemptions.
          209-A. Tax surcharge.
          209-B. Temporary   metropolitan   transportation   business  tax
          209-C. Gift for fish and wildlife management.
          209-D. Gift for breast cancer research and education.
          209-E. Gift  for  prostate  cancer   research,   detection   and
          209-F. Gift for the World Trade Center memorial foundation.
          209-G. Gift  for  volunteer  firefighter and volunteer emergency
                   services workers recruitment and retention.
          209-H. Gift for honor and remembrance of veterans.
          210.   Computation of tax.
          211.   Reports.
          213.   Payment and lien of tax.
          213-a. Declaration of estimated tax.
          213-b. Payments on account of estimated tax.
          216.   Collection of taxes.
          217.   Penalties.
          218.   Deposit and disposition of revenue.
          219.   Limitation of time.
          219-a. Practice and procedure for taxable  years  ending  on  or
                   after    December    thirty-first,   nineteen   hundred
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Last modified: February 16, 2014