Sanitation standards - 3 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2502

     § 2502.  Sanitation standards.
        (a)  Minimum.--The following sanitation standards are
     required to minimize the risk of contracting a zoonotic disease
     at an animal exhibition:
            (1)  An operator shall promote public awareness of the
        risk of contracting a zoonotic disease at the animal
        exhibition and of the measures necessary to minimize the risk
        of contraction by posting appropriate notices at the animal
            (2)  An adequate hand-cleansing facility for adults and
        children shall be conveniently located on the animal
        exhibition grounds. The operator shall post appropriate
        notices which designate the location of the hand-cleansing
        facility required by this paragraph and encourage the
        cleansing of hands after touching animals, using the restroom
        and before eating.
            (3)  A person may not bring an animal to an animal
        exhibition unless the person has an established veterinarian-
        client-patient relationship.
        (b)  Additional.--The department may promulgate additional
     sanitation standards through regulations.

        Effective Date.  Section 2(2) of Act 211 of 2002 provided
     that subsec. (a)(2) shall take effect July 1, 2003.
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