Intestate estate - 20 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2101

                                CHAPTER 21
                           INTESTATE SUCCESSION

     2101.  Intestate estate.
     2102.  Share of surviving spouse.
     2103.  Shares of others than surviving spouse.
     2104.  Rules of succession.
     2105.  Spouse's rights.
     2106.  Forfeiture.
     2107.  Persons born out of wedlock.
     2108.  Adopted person.
     2109.  Advancements (Repealed).
     2109.1. Advancements.
     2110.  Spouse's allowance; procedure.
     2111.  Procedure to establish title to real property when
            spouse claims entire estate (Repealed).
     2112.  Property distributable to the Commonwealth (Repealed).
     2113.  Limitations of claims (Repealed).
     2114.  Personal estate of nonresident (Repealed).

        Enactment.  Chapter 21 was added June 30, 1972, P.L.508,
     No.164, effective July 1, 1972.
        Cross References.  Chapter 21 is referred to in sections 305,
     6306 of this title; section 6115 of Title 18 (Crimes and
     § 2101.  Intestate estate.
        (a)  General rule.--All or any part of the estate of a
     decedent not effectively disposed of by will or otherwise passes
     to his heirs as prescribed in this chapter, except as modified
     by the decedent's will.
        (b)  Modification by decedent's will.--A decedent by will may
     expressly exclude or limit the right of an individual or class
     to succeed to property of the decedent passing by intestate
     succession. If that individual or a member of that class
     survives the decedent, the share of the decedent's intestate
     estate to which the individual or class would have succeeded
     passes as if that individual or each member of that class had
     disclaimed his intestate share.
     (Apr. 18, 1978, P.L.42, No.23, eff. 60 days; Dec. 1, 1994,
     P.L.655, No.102, eff. 60 days)

        1994 Amendment.  Section 10 of Act 102 provided that the
     amendment of section 2101 shall apply to the estates of
     decedents dying on or after the effective date of Act 102.
        1978 Amendment.  Section 9 of Act 23 provided that Act 23
     shall apply only to decedents dying after the effective date of
     Act 23.
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