Abandonment of property - 20 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 7791

                               SUBCHAPTER J
                         MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS

     7791.  Abandonment of property.
     7792.  Powers, duties and liabilities identical with personal
     7793.  Effect of removal, or of probate of later will or
     7794.  Title of purchaser.
     7795.  Reports for school district trustees.
     7796.  Jurisdiction.
     7797.  Filing accounts.
     7798.  Failure to present claim at audit.
     7799.  Income on distributive shares.
     7799.1. Annexation of account of distributed estate or
     7799.2. Accounts, audits and distributions.
     7799.3. Pooled trusts for persons with disabilities.
     § 7791.  Abandonment of property.
        If any property is so burdensome or is so encumbered or is in
     such condition that it is of no value to the trust, the trustee
     may abandon it. If property without value cannot be abandoned
     without transfer of title to another or without a formal
     renunciation, the court may authorize the trustee to transfer or
     renounce it without consideration if it finds that this will be
     for the best interests of the trust.
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