Proceedings under this part - 23 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 8301

                                CHAPTER 83

     8301.  Proceedings under this part.
     8302.  Action by minor parent.
     8303.  Duties of initiating tribunal.
     8304.  Duties and powers of responding tribunal.
     8305.  Inappropriate tribunal.
     8306.  Duties of support enforcement agency.
     8307.  Supervisory duty.
     8308.  Private counsel.
     8309.  Nondisclosure of information in exceptional
     8310.  Nonparentage not a defense.
     8311.  Special rules of evidence and procedure.
     8312.  Assistance with discovery.
     8313.  Costs and fees.

        Enactment.  Chapter 83 was added April 4, 1996, P.L.58,
     No.20, effective immediately.
        Prior Provisions.  Former Chapter 83, which related to
     legitimacy of children, was added October 15, 1980, P.L.934,
     No.163, and repealed December 19, 1990, P.L.1240, No.206,
     effective in 90 days.
     § 8301.  Proceedings under this part.
        (a)  Scope.--This part provides for the following
            (1)  Establishment of an order for spousal support or
        child support.
            (2)  Registration of an order for spousal support or
        child support of another county for enforcement or
        modification pursuant to Chapter 84 (relating to enforcement
        and modification of support order after registration).
        (b)  Commencement.--An individual petitioner or a support
     enforcement agency must commence a proceeding authorized under
     this part by filing a petition or complaint in an initiating
     tribunal for forwarding to a responding tribunal or by filing a
     petition or complaint directly in a tribunal of another county
     which has or can obtain personal jurisdiction over the

        Cross References.  Section 8301 is referred to in section
     8304 of this title.
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