State water plan - 27 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3111

                               SUBCHAPTER B
                         WATER RESOURCES PLANNING

     3111.  State water plan.
     3112.  Plan contents.
     3113.  Regional committees.
     3114.  Statewide Water Resources Committee.
     3115.  Development, adoption, amendment and periodic review
            of State water plan.
     3116.  Use of plan.
     3117.  Statewide data system.
     3118.  Water use registration and reporting.
     3119.  Confidential information.
     3120.  Water conservation.
     3121.  Grants.
     § 3111.  State water plan.
        (a)  Preparation and adoption.--In accordance with this
     chapter and with ongoing consultation with the Statewide
     committee and the department, each regional committee shall
     guide the development of and recommend to the Statewide
     committee a regional plan component for review, approval and
     incorporation into the State water plan. The Statewide committee
     shall guide the development of, approve and recommend to the
     secretary approval and adoption of the State water plan. The
     department shall draft and develop the State water plan,
     including regional plan components. The State water plan shall
     be completed and adopted within five years of the effective date
     of this chapter.
        (b)  Matters considered.--The State water plan shall reflect
     the matters set forth in section 3112 (relating to plan
     contents). The level of detail within the State water plan and
     each regional plan may vary among watersheds and other
     hydrologic units. In consultation with the regional committee
     and the Statewide committee, the department shall establish with
     the approval of the Statewide committee priorities and
     guidelines for the level of detail appropriate for different
     areas, considering among other factors the current or projected
     future water demands in comparison to the safe yield of
     available water resources in the area.
        (c)  Limitation of authority.--Nothing contained in this
     chapter shall be construed to authorize, expand or diminish the
     existing authority of the department, including the
     Environmental Quality Board, to regulate, control or require
     permits for the withdrawal or use of water.
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