Fur dealer permits - 34 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 2929

     § 2929.  Fur dealer permits.
        (a)  Residents.--Holders of resident fur dealer permits shall
     establish a regular place of business where they and their
     employees may receive or buy furs for the purpose of resale. The
     person to whom a resident fur dealer's permit is issued may also
     receive or buy furs for the purpose of resale anywhere within
     this Commonwealth.
        (b)  Nonresidents.--Unless further restricted by commission
     regulation, a permit issued to a nonresident or a nonresident
     firm or corporation shall authorize the nonresident or a
     representative of the firm or corporation to receive, buy or
     sell raw furs anywhere in this Commonwealth for the purpose of
     reselling. The firm shall designate one person to act as their
     buyer. This person's name shall appear on the face of the
     permit. The permit must be carried at all times when such person
     is engaged in buying furs.
        (c)  Unlawful acts.--It is unlawful for any person to:
            (1)  Obtain furs by purchase or barter for the purpose of
        reselling without a permit as required by this section.
            (2)  Purchase furs from any person without being shown
        the valid furtaking license of such person.
            (2.1)  Sell raw furs without a valid nonresident fur
        dealer permit.
            (3)  Violate any other provisions of this section.
        (d)  Penalty.--A violation of this section is a summary
     offense of the third degree if the violator is a resident or a
     summary offense of the first degree if the violator is a
     (Nov. 25, 1988, P.L.1082, No.125, eff. imd.)
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