Oaths and acknowledgments - 42 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 327

     § 327.  Oaths and acknowledgments.
        Each judicial officer, each clerk of court, and such other
     personnel of the system and jurors as may be designated by or
     pursuant to general rules may administer oaths and affirmations
     and take acknowledgments. An acknowledgment may be taken by a
     member of the bar of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania if the
     document is thereafter certified to an officer authorized to
     administer oaths. Certification by an attorney shall be in
     accordance with section 7(5) of the act of July 24, 1941
     (P.L.490, No.188), known as the Uniform Acknowledgment Act, and
     shall include the attorney's Supreme Court identification
     (July 1, 1987, P.L.180, No.21, eff. imd.)

        Cross References.  Section 327 is referred to in sections
     2737, 2757, 2777 of this title.
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Last modified: November 27, 2007