Single publication limitation - 42 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 8341

                               SUBCHAPTER D

     8341.  Single publication limitation.
     8342.  Justification a defense.
     8343.  Burden of proof.
     8344.  Malice or negligence necessary to support award of
     8345.  No liability when without power of censorship.
     § 8341.  Single publication limitation.
        (a)  Short title of section.--This section shall be known and
     may be cited as the "Uniform Single Publication Act."
        (b)  General rule.--No person shall have more than one cause
     of action for damages for libel or slander, or invasion of
     privacy, or any other tort founded upon any single publication,
     or exhibition, or utterance, such as any one edition of a
     newspaper, or book, or magazine, or any one presentation to an
     audience, or any one broadcast over radio or television, or any
     one exhibition of a motion picture. Recovery in any action shall
     include all damages for any such tort suffered by the plaintiff
     in all jurisdictions.
        (c)  Bar by judgment.--A judgment in any jurisdiction for or
     against the plaintiff upon the substantive merits of any action
     for damages founded upon a single publication, or exhibition, or
     utterance, as described in subsection (b), shall bar any other
     action for damages by the same plaintiff against the same
     defendant founded upon the same publication, or exhibition, or
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Last modified: November 27, 2007