Cancellation of certificate of title or ownership for mobile home - 75 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 1140

     § 1140.  Cancellation of certificate of title or ownership for
                mobile home.
        (a)  General rule.--The department may cancel a certificate
     of title for a mobile home affixed to real property. The person
     requesting the cancellation shall submit to the department an
     application for cancellation and the certificate of title. The
     application must be on a form prescribed by the department. Upon
     cancellation, the ownership interest in the mobile home,
     together with all liens and encumbrances thereon, shall be
     transferred to and shall encumber the real property to which the
     mobile home has become affixed.
        (b)  New certificate of title after cancellation.--If the
     department has previously canceled a certificate of title to a
     mobile home under subsection (a), the owner of the mobile home
     shall submit to the department all of the following:
            (1)  An application for a certificate of title on the
        forms prescribed by the department.
            (2)  A certificate from an attorney or title company that
        there are no mortgages, judgments or other liens of record
        against the mobile home or, if there is a lien, a certified
        copy of a release of lien executed by the lienholder and
        issued by the recorder of deeds or prothonotary, as
            (3)  Such other information as the department shall
     (June 8, 2001, P.L.123, No.18, eff. July 1, 2001)

        2001 Amendment.  Act 18 added section 1140.
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