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Texas Penal Code - Chapter 34 Money Laundering

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  • Texas Penal Code Section 34.01 - Definitions
    In this chapter: (1) "Criminal activity" means any offense, including any preparatory offense, that is: (A) classified as a felony under the laws of this ...
  • Texas Penal Code Section 34.02 - Money Laundering
    (a) A person commits an offense if the person knowingly: (1) acquires or maintains an interest in, conceals, possesses, transfers, or transports the proceeds of ...
  • Texas Penal Code Section 34.021 - Protection From Civil Liability
    Notwithstanding Section 1.03(c), a financial institution or an agent of the financial institution acting in a manner described by Section 34.02(c) is not liable for ...
  • Texas Penal Code Section 34.03 - Assistance By Attorney General
    The attorney general, if requested to do so by a prosecuting attorney, may assist in the prosecution of an offense under this chapter. Added by ...
  • Last modified: August 11, 2007