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Texas Transportation Code - Chapter 600 Miscellaneous Provisions

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  • Texas Transportation Code Section 600.001 - Removing Material From Highway
    (a) A person who drops or permits to be dropped or thrown on a highway destructive or injurious material shall immediately remove the material or ...
  • Texas Transportation Code Section 600.002 - Identification Required For Vehicle Near Mexican Border
    On demand of a peace officer within 250 feet of the Mexican border at a checkpoint authorized by Section 411.0095, Government Code, as added by ...
  • Texas Transportation Code Section 600.003 - Enforcement Of Certain Traffic Laws By Private Institutions Of Higher Education
    (a) In this section, "private or independent institution of higher education" has the meaning assigned by Section 61.003(15), Education Code. (b) A private or independent ...
  • Texas Transportation Code Section 600.004 - Training Of School Crossing Guard
    (a) A local authority may authorize a school crossing guard to direct traffic in a school crossing zone if the guard successfully completes a training ...
  • Last modified: August 11, 2007