Code of Alabama § 40-9c-7 - Exemption of Certain Purchases of Tangible Personal Property Used in Constructing Brownfield Development Property

Section 40-9C-7

Exemption of certain purchases of tangible personal property used in constructing brownfield development property.

Notwithstanding any other laws, and subject to the limitations set out in Section 40-9C-5, the gross proceeds of the sale to, or the storage, use, or consumption by, any contractor of any tangible personal property to be incorporated into a brownfield development property or major addition for which a private user is granted a valid abatement of construction related noneducation transaction taxes pursuant to this chapter shall be exempt from local sales and use taxes, except those county and municipal sales and use taxes levied for educational purposes or for capital improvements for education. This exemption shall not apply to any purchase of tangible personal property by a contractor which would not also be exempt if purchased by a private user who has been granted a valid abatement of construction related transaction taxes pursuant to this chapter.

(Act 2004-245, p. 334, §7.)

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Last modified: November 15, 2016