New York Domestic Relations Article 2 - Marriages

  • 5 - Incestuous And Void Marriages.
    A marriage is incestuous and void whether the relatives are legitimate or illegitimate between either: 1. An ancestor and a descendant; 2. A brother and...
  • 6 - Void Marriages.
    A marriage is absolutely void if contracted by a person whose husband or wife by a former marriage is living, unless either: 1. Such former...
  • 7 - Voidable Marriages.
    A marriage is void from the time its nullity is declared by a court of competent jurisdiction if either party thereto: 1. Is under the...
  • 8 - Marriage After Divorce.
    Whenever, and whether prior or subsequent to September first, nineteen hundred sixty-seven, a marriage has been dissolved by divorce, either party may marry again.

Last modified: September 11, 2016