Chapter 4. Summary Proceedings for Obtaining Possession of Real Property in Certain Cases - California Code of Civil Procedure Section 1160

1160.  Every person is guilty of a forcible detainer who either:
   1. By force, or by menaces and threats of violence, unlawfully
holds and keeps the possession of any real property, whether the same
was acquired peaceably or otherwise; or,
   2. Who, in the night-time, or during the absence of the occupant
of any lands, unlawfully enters upon real property, and who, after
demand made for the surrender thereof, for the period of five days,
refuses to surrender the same to such former occupant.
   The occupant of real property, within the meaning of this
subdivision, is one who, within five days preceding such unlawful
entry, was in the peaceable and undisturbed possession of such lands.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015