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1.   Courts Of Record; Court Officers; Juries

2.   Procedure In Civil Proceedings

3.   Remedies And Special Actions And Proceedings

4.   Evidence And Witnesses

5.   Small Claims Department Of Circuit Court

6.   Justice Courts

7.   Corporations And Partnerships

8.   Commercial Transactions

9.   Mortgages And Liens

10.   Property Rights And Transactions

11.   Domestic Relations

12.   Probate Law

13.   Protective Proceedings; Powers Of Attorney; Trusts

14.   Procedure In Criminal Matters Generally

15.   Procedure In Criminal Actions In Justice Courts

16.   Crimes And Punishments

17.   State Legislative Department And Laws

18.   Executive Branch; Organization

19.   Miscellaneous Matters Related To Government And Public Affairs

20.   Counties And County Officers

21.   Cities

22.   Public Officers And Employees

23.   Elections

24.   Public Organizations For Community Service

25.   Public Lands

26.   Public Facilities, Contracting And Insurance

26A.   Economic Development

27.   Public Borrowing

28.   Public Financial Administration

29.   Revenue And Taxation

30.   Education And Culture

31.   Highways, Roads, Bridges And Ferries

32.   Military Affairs; Emergency Services

33.   Privileges And Benefits Of Veterans And Service Personnel

34.   Human Services; Juvenile Code; Corrections

35.   Mental Health And Developmental Disabilities; Alcohol And Drug Abuse

36.   Public Health And Safety

37.   Alcoholic Liquors; Controlled Substances; Drugs

38.   Protection From Fire

41.   Wildlife

42.   Commercial Fishing And Fisheries

43.   Mineral Resources

44.   Forestry And Forest Products

45.   Water Resources: Irrigation, Drainage, Flood Control, Reclamation

46.   Agriculture

47.   Agricultural Marketing And Warehousing

48.   Animals

49.   Food And Other Commodities: Purity, Sanitation, Grades, Standards, Labels, Weights And Measures

50.   Trade Regulations And Practices

51.   Labor And Employment; Unlawful Discrimination

52.   Occupations And Professions

52A.   Insurance And Finance Administration

53.   Financial Institutions

54.   Loan Associations And Lending Institutions

56.   Insurance

57.   Utility Regulation

58.   Shipping And Navigation

59.   Oregon Vehicle Code

61.   Small Watercraft

62.   Aviation

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