Article 2. Demand for Exchange of Expert Witness Information - California Code of Civil Procedure Section 2034.210

2034.210.  After the setting of the initial trial date for the
action, any party may obtain discovery by demanding that all parties
simultaneously exchange information concerning each other's expert
trial witnesses to the following extent:
   (a) Any party may demand a mutual and simultaneous exchange by all
parties of a list containing the name and address of any natural
person, including one who is a party, whose oral or deposition
testimony in the form of an expert opinion any party expects to offer
in evidence at the trial.
   (b) If any expert designated by a party under subdivision (a) is a
party or an employee of a party, or has been retained by a party for
the purpose of forming and expressing an opinion in anticipation of
the litigation or in preparation for the trial of the action, the
designation of that witness shall include or be accompanied by an
expert witness declaration under Section 2034.260.
   (c) Any party may also include a demand for the mutual and
simultaneous production for inspection and copying of all
discoverable reports and writings, if any, made by any expert
described in subdivision (b) in the course of preparing that expert's
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Last modified: February 16, 2015