Article 1. Objections to Pleadings - California Code of Civil Procedure Section 430.10

430.10.  The party against whom a complaint or cross-complaint has
been filed may object, by demurrer or answer as provided in Section
430.30, to the pleading on any one or more of the following grounds:
   (a) The court has no jurisdiction of the subject of the cause of
action alleged in the pleading.
   (b) The person who filed the pleading does not have the legal
capacity to sue.
   (c) There is another action pending between the same parties on
the same cause of action.
   (d) There is a defect or misjoinder of parties.
   (e) The pleading does not state facts sufficient to constitute a
cause of action.
   (f) The pleading is uncertain. As used in this subdivision,
"uncertain" includes ambiguous and unintelligible.
   (g) In an action founded upon a contract, it cannot be ascertained
from the pleading whether the contract is written, is oral, or is
implied by conduct.
   (h) No certificate was filed as required by Section 411.35.
   (i) No certificate was filed as required by Section 411.36.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015