Chapter 3. Issues--the Mode of Trial and Postponements - California Code of Civil Procedure Section 597.5

597.5.  In an action against a physician or surgeon, dentist,
registered nurse, dispensing optician, optometrist, registered
physical therapist, podiatrist, licensed psychologist, osteopathic
physician and surgeon, chiropractor, clinical laboratory bioanalyst,
clinical laboratory technologist, veterinarian, or a licensed
hospital as the employer of any such person, based upon the person's
alleged professional negligence, or for rendering professional
services without consent, or for error or omission in the person's
practice, if the answer pleads that the action is barred by the
statute of limitations, and if any party so moves or the court upon
its own motion requires, the issues raised thereby must be tried
separately and before any other issues in the case are tried. If the
issue raised by the statute of limitations is finally determined in
favor of the plaintiff, the remaining issues shall then be tried.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015