Article 2. Determination of Right to Partition - California Code of Civil Procedure Section 872.720

872.720.  (a) If the court finds that the plaintiff is entitled to
partition, it shall make an interlocutory judgment that determines
the interests of the parties in the property and orders the partition
of the property and, unless it is to be later determined, the manner
of partition.
   (b) If the court determines that it is impracticable or highly
inconvenient to make a single interlocutory judgment that determines,
in the first instance, the interests of all the parties in the
property, the court may first ascertain the interests of the original
concurrent or successive owners and thereupon make an interlocutory
judgment as if such persons were the sole parties in interest and the
only parties to the action. Thereafter, the court may proceed in
like manner as between the original concurrent or successive owners
and the parties claiming under them or may allow the interests to
remain without further partition if the parties so desire.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015