Article 2. Effect of Transfer - California Civil Code Section 1113

1113.  From the use of the word "grant" in any conveyance by which
an estate of inheritance or fee simple is to be passed, the following
covenants, and none other, on the part of the grantor for himself
and his heirs to the grantee, his heirs, and assigns, are implied,
unless restrained by express terms contained in such conveyance:
   1. That previous to the time of the execution of such conveyance,
the grantor has not conveyed the same estate, or any right, title, or
interest therein, to any person other than the grantee;
   2. That such estate is at the time of the execution of such
conveyance free from incumbrances done, made, or suffered by the
grantor, or any person claiming under him.
   Such covenants may be sued upon in the same manner as if they had
been expressly inserted in the conveyance.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015