Chapter 1. General Provisions - California Civil Code Section 1785.1

1785.1.  The Legislature finds and declares as follows:
   (a) An elaborate mechanism has been developed for investigating
and evaluating the credit worthiness, credit standing, credit
capacity, and general reputation of consumers.
   (b) Consumer credit reporting agencies have assumed a vital role
in assembling and evaluating consumer credit and other information on
   (c) There is a need to insure that consumer credit reporting
agencies exercise their grave responsibilities with fairness,
impartiality, and a respect for the consumer's right to privacy.
   (d) It is the purpose of this title to require that consumer
credit reporting agencies adopt reasonable procedures for meeting the
needs of commerce for consumer credit, personnel, insurance, hiring
of a dwelling unit, and other information in a manner which is fair
and equitable to the consumer, with regard to the confidentiality,
accuracy, relevancy, and proper utilization of such information in
accordance with the requirements of this title.
   (e) The Legislature hereby intends to regulate consumer credit
reporting agencies pursuant to this title in a manner which will best
protect the interests of the people of the State of California.
   (f) The extension of credit is a privilege and not a right.
Nothing in this title shall preclude a creditor from denying credit
to any applicant providing such denial is based on factors not
inconsistent with present law.
   (g) Any clauses in contracts which prohibit any action required by
this title are not in the public interest and shall be considered
unenforceable. This shall not invalidate the other terms of such a
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Last modified: February 16, 2015