Article 3. Provisions of Retail Installment Contracts - California Civil Code Section 1803.5

1803.5.  If the cost of any insurance is included in the contract
and a separate charge is made to the buyer for such insurance:
   (a) The contract shall state whether the insurance is to be
procured by the buyer or the seller.
   (b) The amount, included for such insurance, shall not exceed the
premiums chargeable in accordance with rate fixed for such insurance
by the insurer.
   (c) If the insurance is to be procured by the seller or holder, he
shall, within 45 days after delivery of the goods or furnishing of
the services under the contract, deliver, mail or cause to be mailed
to the buyer, at his address as specified in the contract, a notice
thereof or a copy of the policy or policies of insurance or a
certificate or certificates of the insurance so procured.
   (d) The provisions of Insurance Code Section 1668 shall apply to
any violation of this section.
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Last modified: February 16, 2015