Chapter 2. Hiring of Real Property - California Civil Code Section 1942.1

1942.1.  Any agreement by a lessee of a dwelling waiving or
modifying his rights under Section 1941 or 1942 shall be void as
contrary to public policy with respect to any condition which renders
the premises untenantable, except that the lessor and the lessee may
agree that the lessee shall undertake to improve, repair or maintain
all or stipulated portions of the dwelling as part of the
consideration for rental.
   The lessor and lessee may, if an agreement is in writing, set
forth the provisions of Sections 1941 to 1942.1, inclusive, and
provide that any controversy relating to a condition of the premises
claimed to make them untenantable may by application of either party
be submitted to arbitration, pursuant to the provisions of Title 9
(commencing with Section 1280), Part 3 of the Code of Civil
Procedure, and that the costs of such arbitration shall be
apportioned by the arbitrator between the parties.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015