Article 2. Duty to Prospective Purchaser of Real Property - California Civil Code Section 2079.23

2079.23.  (a) A contract between the principal and agent may be
modified or altered to change the agency relationship at any time
before the performance of the act which is the object of the agency
with the written consent of the parties to the agency relationship.
   (b) A lender or an auction company retained by a lender to control
aspects of a transaction of real property subject to this part,
including validating the sales price, shall not require, as a
condition of receiving the lender's approval of the transaction, the
homeowner or listing agent to defend or indemnify the lender or
auction company from any liability alleged to result from the actions
of the lender or auction company. Any clause, provision, covenant,
or agreement purporting to impose an obligation to defend or
indemnify a lender or an auction company in violation of this
subdivision is against public policy, void, and unenforceable.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015