Part 2. Personal Rights - California Civil Code Section 43.8

43.8.  (a) In addition to the privilege afforded by Section 47,
there shall be no monetary liability on the part of, and no cause of
action for damages shall arise against, any person on account of the
communication of information in the possession of that person to any
hospital, hospital medical staff, veterinary hospital staff,
professional society, medical, dental, podiatric, psychology,
marriage and family therapy, professional clinical counselor, or
veterinary school, professional licensing board or division,
committee or panel of a licensing board, the Senior Assistant
Attorney General of the Health Quality Enforcement Section appointed
under Section 12529 of the Government Code, peer review committee,
quality assurance committees established in compliance with Sections
4070 and 5624 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, or underwriting
committee described in Section 43.7 when the communication is
intended to aid in the evaluation of the qualifications, fitness,
character, or insurability of a practitioner of the healing or
veterinary arts.
   (b) The immunities afforded by this section and by Section 43.7
shall not affect the availability of any absolute privilege that may
be afforded by Section 47.
   (c) Nothing in this section is intended in any way to affect the
California Supreme Court's decision in Hassan v. Mercy American River
Hospital (2003) 31 Cal.4th 709, holding that subdivision (a)
provides a qualified privilege.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015