Article 1. Transfer of Things in Action - California Civil Code Section 954.5

954.5.  (a) Subject to subdivisions (b) and (c), a transfer of a
right represented by a judgment excluded from coverage of Division 9
of the Commercial Code by paragraph (9) of subdivision (d) of Section
9109 of the Commercial Code shall be deemed perfected as against
third persons upon there being executed and delivered to the
transferee an assignment thereof in writing.
   (b) As between bona fide assignees of the same right for value
without notice, the assignee who first becomes an assignee of record,
by filing an acknowledgment of assignment of judgment with the court
as provided in Section 673 of the Code of Civil Procedure or
otherwise becoming an assignee of record, has priority.
   (c) The filing of an acknowledgment of assignment of the judgment
with the court under Section 673 of the Code of Civil Procedure is
not, of itself, notice to the judgment debtor so as to invalidate any
payments made by the judgment debtor that would otherwise be applied
to the satisfaction of the judgment.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015