Article 1. Suspension or Expulsion - California Education Code Section 48900.1

48900.1.  (a) The governing board of each school district may adopt
a policy authorizing teachers to require the parent or guardian of a
pupil who has been suspended by a teacher pursuant to Section 48910
for reasons specified in subdivision (i) or (k) of Section 48900, to
attend a portion of a schoolday in the classroom of his or her child
or ward. The policy shall take into account reasonable factors that
may prevent compliance with a notice to attend. The attendance of the
parent or guardian shall be limited to the class from which the
pupil was suspended.
   (b) The policy shall be adopted pursuant to the procedures set
forth in Sections 35291 and 35291.5. Parents and guardians shall be
notified of this policy prior to its implementation. A teacher shall
apply any policy adopted pursuant to this section uniformly to all
pupils within the classroom.
   The adopted policy shall include the procedures that the district
will follow to accomplish the following:
   (1) Ensure that parents or guardians who attend school for the
purposes of this section meet with the school administrator or his or
her designee after completing the classroom visitation and before
leaving the schoolsite.
   (2) Contact parents or guardians who do not respond to the request
to attend school pursuant to this section.
   (c) If a teacher imposes the procedure pursuant to subdivision
(a), the principal shall send a written notice to the parent or
guardian stating that attendance by the parent or guardian is
pursuant to law. This section shall apply only to a parent or
guardian who is actually living with the pupil.
   (d) A parent or guardian who has received a written notice
pursuant to subdivision (c) shall attend class as specified in the
written notice. The notice may specify that the attendance of the
parent or guardian be on the day the pupil is scheduled to return to
class, or within a reasonable period of time thereafter, as
established by the policy of the board adopted pursuant to
subdivision (a).

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Last modified: February 16, 2015