Chapter 2. Establishing Parent and Child Relationship - California Family Code Section 7613

7613.  (a) If, under the supervision of a licensed physician and
surgeon and with the consent of her spouse, a woman conceives through
assisted reproduction with semen donated by a man not her husband,
the spouse is treated in law as if he or she were the natural parent
of a child thereby conceived. The spouse's consent shall be in
writing and signed by both spouses. The physician and surgeon shall
certify their signatures and the date of the assisted reproduction
procedure, and retain the spouse's consent as part of the medical
record, where it shall be kept confidential and in a sealed file.
However, the physician and surgeon's failure to do so does not affect
the parent and child relationship. All papers and records pertaining
to the assisted reproduction procedure, whether part of the
permanent record of a court or of a file held by the supervising
physician and surgeon or elsewhere, are subject to inspection only
upon an order of the court for good cause shown.
   (b) The donor of semen provided to a licensed physician and
surgeon or to a licensed sperm bank for use in assisted reproduction
of a woman other than the donor's spouse is treated in law as if he
were not the natural parent of a child thereby conceived, unless
otherwise agreed to in a writing signed by the donor and the woman
prior to the conception of the child.
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Last modified: February 16, 2015