Chapter 10. Local Public Employee Organizations - California Government Code Section 3500

3500.  (a) It is the purpose of this chapter to promote full
communication between public employers and their employees by
providing a reasonable method of resolving disputes regarding wages,
hours, and other terms and conditions of employment between public
employers and public employee organizations. It is also the purpose
of this chapter to promote the improvement of personnel management
and employer-employee relations within the various public agencies in
the State of California by providing a uniform basis for recognizing
the right of public employees to join organizations of their own
choice and be represented by those organizations in their employment
relationships with public agencies. Nothing contained herein shall be
deemed to supersede the provisions of existing state law and the
charters, ordinances, and rules of local public agencies that
establish and regulate a merit or civil service system or which
provide for other methods of administering employer-employee
relations nor is it intended that this chapter be binding upon those
public agencies that provide procedures for the administration of
employer-employee relations in accordance with the provisions of this
chapter. This chapter is intended, instead, to strengthen merit,
civil service and other methods of administering employer-employee
relations through the establishment of uniform and orderly methods of
communication between employees and the public agencies by which
they are employed.
   (b) The Legislature finds and declares that the duties and
responsibilities of local agency employer representatives under this
chapter are substantially similar to the duties and responsibilities
required under existing collective bargaining enforcement procedures
and therefore the costs incurred by the local agency employer
representatives in performing those duties and responsibilities under
this chapter are not reimbursable as state-mandated costs.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015