Article 6. State Court Facilities Construction Fund - California Government Code Section 70373

70373.  (a) (1) To ensure and maintain adequate funding for court
facilities, an assessment shall be imposed on every conviction for a
criminal offense, including a traffic offense, except parking
offenses as defined in subdivision (i) of Section 1463 of the Penal
Code, involving a violation of a section of the Vehicle Code or any
local ordinance adopted pursuant to the Vehicle Code. The assessment
shall be imposed in the amount of thirty dollars ($30) for each
misdemeanor or felony and in the amount of thirty-five dollars ($35)
for each infraction.
   (2) For the purposes of this section, "conviction" includes the
dismissal of a traffic violation on the condition that the defendant
attend a court-ordered traffic violator school, as authorized by
Sections 41501 and 42005 of the Vehicle Code. This assessment shall
be deposited in accordance with subdivision (d), and may not be
included with the fee calculated and distributed pursuant to Section
42007 of the Vehicle Code.
   (b) This assessment shall be in addition to the state penalty
assessed pursuant to Section 1464 of the Penal Code and may not be
included in the base fine to calculate the state penalty assessment
as specified in subdivision (a) of Section 1464 of the Penal Code.
The penalties authorized by Chapter 12 (commencing with Section
76000), and the state surcharge authorized by Section 1465.7 of the
Penal Code, do not apply to this assessment.
   (c) When bail is deposited for an offense to which this section
applies, and for which a court appearance is not necessary, the
person making the deposit also shall deposit a sufficient amount to
include the assessment prescribed by this section.
   (d) Notwithstanding any other law, the assessments collected
pursuant to subdivision (a) shall all be deposited in a special
account in the county treasury and transmitted therefrom monthly to
the Controller for deposit in the Immediate and Critical Needs
Account of the State Court Facilities Construction Fund, established
in Section 70371.5.
   (e) The Judicial Council shall provide for the administration of
this section.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015