Chapter 9. Containment and Storage - California Health and Safety Code Section 118286

118286.  (a) A person shall not knowingly place home-generated
sharps waste in any of the following containers:
   (1) Any container used for the collection of solid waste,
recyclable materials, or greenwaste.
   (2) Any container used for the commercial collection of solid
waste or recyclable materials from business establishments.
   (3) Any roll-off container used for the collection of solid waste,
construction, and demolition debris, greenwaste, or other recyclable
   (b) Home-generated sharps waste shall be transported only in a
sharps container, or other containers approved by the enforcement
agency, and shall only be managed at any of the following:
   (1) A household hazardous waste facility pursuant to Section
   (2) A "home-generated sharps consolidation point" as defined in
subdivision (b) of Section 117904.
   (3) A medical waste generator's facility pursuant to Section
   (4) A facility through the use of a medical waste mail-back
container approved by the United States Postal Service.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015