Article 3. Working Hours - California Labor Code Section 1813

1813.  The contractor or subcontractor shall, as a penalty to the
state or political subdivision on whose behalf the contract is made
or awarded, forfeit twenty-five dollars ($25) for each worker
employed in the execution of the contract by the respective
contractor or subcontractor for each calendar day during which the
worker is required or permitted to work more than 8 hours in any one
calendar day and 40 hours in any one calendar week in violation of
the provisions of this article. In awarding any contract for public
work, the awarding body shall cause to be inserted in the contract a
stipulation to this effect. The awarding body shall take cognizance
of all violations of this article committed in the course of the
execution of the contract, and shall report them to the Division of
Labor Standards Enforcement.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015