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California Penal Code Section 1000.2

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1000.2.  The court shall hold a hearing and, after consideration of
any information relevant to its decision, shall determine if the
defendant consents to further proceedings under this chapter and if
the defendant should be granted deferred entry of judgment. If the
court does not deem the defendant a person who would be benefited by
deferred entry of judgment, or if the defendant does not consent to
participate, the proceedings shall continue as in any other case.
   At the time that deferred entry of judgment is granted, any bail
bond or undertaking, or deposit in lieu thereof, on file by or on
behalf of the defendant shall be exonerated, and the court shall
enter an order so directing.
   The period during which deferred entry of judgment is granted
shall be for no less than 18 months nor longer than three years.
Progress reports shall be filed by the probation department with the
court as directed by the court.

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Last modified: March 17, 2014