Chapter 10. Discovery - California Penal Code Section 1054.5

1054.5.  (a) No order requiring discovery shall be made in criminal
cases except as provided in this chapter. This chapter shall be the
only means by which the defendant may compel the disclosure or
production of information from prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement
agencies which investigated or prepared the case against the
defendant, or any other persons or agencies which the prosecuting
attorney or investigating agency may have employed to assist them in
performing their duties.
   (b) Before a party may seek court enforcement of any of the
disclosures required by this chapter, the party shall make an
informal request of opposing counsel for the desired materials and
information. If within 15 days the opposing counsel fails to provide
the materials and information requested, the party may seek a court
order. Upon a showing that a party has not complied with Section
1054.1 or 1054.3 and upon a showing that the moving party complied
with the informal discovery procedure provided in this subdivision, a
court may make any order necessary to enforce the provisions of this
chapter, including, but not limited to, immediate disclosure,
contempt proceedings, delaying or prohibiting the testimony of a
witness or the presentation of real evidence, continuance of the
matter, or any other lawful order. Further, the court may advise the
jury of any failure or refusal to disclose and of any untimely
   (c) The court may prohibit the testimony of a witness pursuant to
subdivision (b) only if all other sanctions have been exhausted. The
court shall not dismiss a charge pursuant to subdivision (b) unless
required to do so by the Constitution of the United States.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015