Chapter 4. Proceedings Against Fugitives From Justice - California Penal Code Section 1551

1551.  (a) Whenever any person within this State is charged by a
verified complaint before any magistrate of this State with the
commission of any crime in any other State, or, with having been
convicted of a crime in that State and having escaped from
confinement, or having violated the terms of his bail, probation or
parole; or (b) whenever complaint is made before any magistrate in
this State setting forth on the affidavit of any credible person in
another State that a crime has been committed in such other State and
that the accused has been charged in such State with the commission
of the crime, or that the accused has been convicted of a crime in
that State and has escaped from bail, probation or parole and is
believed to be in this State; then the magistrate shall issue a
warrant directed to any peace officer commanding him to apprehend the
person named therein, wherever he may be found in this State, and to
bring him before the same or any other magistrate who is available
in or convenient of access to the place where the arrest is made. A
certified copy of the sworn charge or complaint and affidavit upon
which the warrant is issued shall be attached to the warrant.

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Last modified: February 16, 2015