Chapter 1. General Provisions - California Probate Code Section 21114

21114.  (a) If a statute or an instrument provides for transfer of a
present or future interest to, or creates a present or future
interest in, a designated person's "heirs," "heirs at law," "next of
kin," "relatives," or "family," or words of similar import, the
transfer is to the persons, including the state under Section 6800,
and in the shares that would succeed to the designated person's
intestate estate under the intestate succession law of the transferor'
s domicile, if the designated person died when the transfer is to
take effect in enjoyment. If the designated person's surviving spouse
is living but is remarried at the time the transfer is to take
effect in enjoyment, the surviving spouse is not an heir of the
designated person for purposes of this section.
   (b) As used in this section, "designated person" includes the
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Last modified: February 16, 2015