Article 3. California Bicycle Transportation Act - California Streets and Highways Code Section 891.4

891.4.  (a) A city or county that has prepared a bicycle
transportation plan pursuant to Section 891.2 may submit the plan to
the county transportation commission or transportation planning
agency for approval. The city or county may submit an approved plan
to the department in connection with an application for funds for
bikeways and related facilities which will implement the plan. If the
bicycle transportation plan is prepared, and the facilities are
proposed to be constructed, by a local agency other than a city or
county, the city or county may submit the plan for approval and apply
for funds on behalf of that local agency.
   (b) The department may grant funds applied for pursuant to
subdivision (a) on a matching basis which provides for the applicant'
s furnishing of funding for 10 percent of the total cost of
constructing the proposed bikeways and related facilities. The funds
may be used, where feasible, to apply for and match federal grants or

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Last modified: February 16, 2015